"Patience must be learned... slowly"

"Doctrine does not produce salvation: Jesus does"

"Doctrine does not perfect faith: Jesus does"

"When your anointing for teaching is used as substitution for the presence of Jesus, it becomes idolatry."

"The Word became flesh, if we try to keep Him on the pages He won't manifest in our lives."

"'A man can receive nothing unless it has been given to him from heaven', so all things are spiritually sourced before being naturally manifested."

"If hope is placed in God before it's placed in outcomes, we will never be disappointed."

"There is no religion that can save anyone from hell (Christianity included). The only thing that can save anyone is a person: Jesus Christ."

"You can't manipulate people into the Kingdom, because repentance is change of heart not a phrase we say; manipulation = witchcraft"

"'It's the glory of God to conceal a matter & the glory of kings 2 search it out'.  Our pursuit of God grants us glory & establishes us as royalty."

"Anyone that says what Jesus said, without doing what Jesus did is a storyteller not a disciple." 

 "Substituting worldliness for spirituality in church, under the guise of cultural relevancy, contrasts the Biblical model"

"If a congregation must bring people to church for salvation they haven't learned to witness- indicative of spiritual infancy"