Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Park Prophetic

The Lord afforded me a divine appointment today. I was at the park with my son and sat next to "Eve" on a bench. She noticed I had my Bible in hand and asked where I went to church and why I went to there. I explained that I went to our church because I could practice the spiritual gifts there (mainly the prophetic and healing). She said “okay I’ll take one” and wanted a word (it's amazing how hungry people are for His voice).

The word I got was an onion that was growing underground. I told her I felt like she had been pressing toward something and had an expectation that she just hadn’t seen the fruit of yet. I felt the Lord was saying that He is growing the plant under the surface and the “fruit” will be made known when it is time for the harvest. I felt like He was saying that all at once, it will make sense and she will see the “fruit” of the circumstances. She started crying and affirmed the accuracy of the word and that she had become disheartened and even offended at God and had been rebelling as a result of having not seen the expected/desired outcome in a circumstance.

She felt like her life had multiple promises in it that she had not seen realized yet and had been asking Him “well what are you doing?” Then "Eve" began to confess sin of infidelity amidst tears of repentance. I had a chance to minister to her a little bit and the end result was that she asked about how to get to our church, service times, women’s groups, etc. This is the objective of the supernatural ministry, to touch the lives of others for the Kingdom, to draw in the backsliders, call the lost into the Kingdom and encourage His Body all-the-more!


  1. this is amazing! i want to learn to do this!!!

  2. I'm going to create some articles with instruction in ministering in the prophetic as well as healing, very soon.