Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Divine Family p1

The Lord spoke to me recently when I asked Him about what season He has me in.  He is often working things in my character that I have to be conscious of, in order to receive the full benefit of His work.  In other words, if I'm aware that He is developing the fruit of patience in me I lean on Him to respond to circumstances with patience. If I'm unaware of that intention, I'm likely to be found rebuking the situation, pleading the blood, asking for angelic help, etc.  One of those two is walking by the Spirit, the other is immaturely applying spiritual principles to a carnal mindset.

The Lord said He was raising me as a spiritual father.  Before I proceed, let me state that I am not claiming to be one yet, but only growing in the knowledge of Him (Eph 4:13).  He has been granting me revelation on His very nature, and how our relationship with God (the Trinity) is so uniquely knit into the family unit.  The obvious arenas of such understanding are: the bridal paradigm (spouse), the Father (as I relate to my son and the "grafted branch", my nephew), the comforter (as I relate to my mother-in-law).  We are spiritually made in His image (Gen 1:27) and God Himself dwells in us (Eph 1:17-19), so we can often receive revelation from the Lord through our relationships. 

The most recent revelatory interactions the Lord has given me are with my son and nephew.  My son and I were out at the Indoor Safari and as I watched him play on the jungle gym and trains, my heart began to swell with affections for him.  He wasn't doing anything in particular to stir these emotions, I just looked at him and knew that all of my heart loved him (I've had similar encounters with my wife as well).  In that moment, the Lord said "that's how I feel about you, but even more" and the tears started.  Knowing in our heads that God loves us is something we can confide in and trust in, but how much greater the depth of that sentiment when we can legitimately feel those affections!  That moment is one where I lived Ephesians 3:19 "to know the love that surpasses knowledge".  It isn't the knowledge of a fact, it's the knowledge of experience.  Just because I've read all the books on riding a bicycle, seen the wiki on it, and watched a few youtube "how to" videos doesn't mean I can ride a bicycle.  The person that can explain it best is not necessarily the best at it.


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