Wednesday, September 8, 2010

How to Ascend Into Heaven

Recently a friend at the Name Above All Names healing rooms I volunteer at gave me Katie Souza's Ascending into the Supernatural CD set.  I have heard teaching on ascending before and it never seemed to work for me, but I'm more than willing to continue trying and failing at something that offers the potential outcome of "being in Heaven".  If you want a thorough Biblical foundation for why we can ascend into Heaven, the saints that have done it in the past, the types of encounters you can expect: I highly recommend getting the teachings from Katie Souza.  Before delving into the step-by-step instructions for going to heaven (without dying), there are a few misconceptions that must be addressed.

First let me state that I've had both out-of-body and in-body experiences with Heaven.  The out-of-body experience, I had no inclination of what was going to happen... I was pulled up and that was all there was to it.  The encounter was not the result of my pursuing Heaven, but God granted me His grace by drawing me up through an open heaven.  Much of that encounter is personal, but I saw some of the Biblical locations in heaven (namely the throne room and banquet table).  This is not the type of experience that I have had as a result of the instructions which follow.  While I believe it is certainly possible to ascend into the heavens, in the natural, at will (Christ did it when He transfigured)... it simply isn't my experience.  However, my experience does not determine the possibilities, faith does. 

Okay, so is it Biblical?  Paul went up (2 Cor 12:2), John went up (Rev 1), Stephen saw into heaven (Acts 7:55), Jesus walked under an open heaven (Luke 3:21), Jesus saw into heaven (Luke 9:18, Luke 10:18), the heavens opened for Ezekiel's visions (Eze 1:1), and much more.  Encountering heaven is a mandate for divine revelation and retrieving God's response to earthly issues. 

So how do you do it?  Katie notes 5 steps on how to ascend and goes into detail on each step, if you need additional information view Expected End Ministries web site.  She also reviews how to bring things back with you from Heaven. 

Here's the steps:
  1. Plead the blood of Jesus over your sins (repent!)
  2. Cultivate an open heaven
  3. Know that you're already seated in heavenly places
  4. Come under the Holy Spirit's power
  5. Activate your faith
The Lord has released me to share my first experience with this.  I was sitting quietly in my chair and I suddenly had the impression that I was in the throne room.  The more that I looked the more I could see myself surrounded by other thrones.  Again, this was not in the natural, but in the same realm as how we receive prophetic revelation.  If you've never done that try some of the exercises I mentioned in this previous post.  Then I saw a hand (which I knew to be Christ's) reach into my heart and turn up a dial on it as you would turn up a thermostat.  Next He took a flame and put it in my heart.  Before descending, I asked to take something with me and a flame appeared in the palm of my right hand.  Afterward, I truly wasn't sure if I'd just been to heaven or not and I asked the Lord to confirm the encounter through His word.  He said "read Hebrews 1 and 2".  I opened it up to Hebrews 1 and read "He makes His angels winds, and His servants flames of fire"!

So I encourage you to try this out on your own.  Let me know about your experiences and encounters.  Remember to ask for confirmation from the Word (the Word is to be experienced and experience must be validated with the Word, never contrasted by it).  Be Blessed!


  1. Thanks Jeff for sharing this. I appreciate it when people share their experiences and the things they have learned in order to help others do the same. And I love the fact that you put in there about how things hadn't worked out before, but you kept trying. That right there is worth so much to so many. I pray for many more incredible and life-changing encounters for you my brother.

    Duane Carter
    Florence, Alabama

  2. Duane,

    Thank you very much for your comments & prayers! God is so gracious to grant us the wonderful gifts He has been pouring out for us lately... and being able to go to Heaven to respond to our circumstance is one of them.

    If we truly want to walk in unity with Christ, we must be willing to be transparent about our flaws/sins/failures that Christ's testimony in our lives may be magnified. May the Lord bless you with the abundance of His grace, that you may grow to the fullness of Christ!