Sunday, January 2, 2011

Miracles to close out 2010!

Okay, let me start off the year with thanksgiving for what the Lord just did in the last two weeks. As a side-note, my wife and I do actually offer burnt offerings of Thanksgiving in our fireplace according to the Word (we present a grain offering of flour kneaded with milk, frankincense, oil... and salt it). If house-cat was an acceptable animal for sacrifice, I would gladly offer up our little "destroyer of carpet" but I digress.

The following have all happened in the last two weeks. In our weekly prayer service, we prayed for pain to leave a woman's neck and it left (although some stiffness remained) and we prayed for her leg and it grew out (about 1/4 of an inch). Then I had a chance to pray for her husband who had pain in the bend of his arms and the pain was 100% healed in both arms!

My wife's car had broken down and we had taken it to the mechanic. They tried to force the engine to turn over with a cheater bar and the bar bent. We went to clean out the car and I suggested we pray for the car to start. We prayed… it didn’t start… we prayed… it made a sound but still didn’t start… we prayed… the car started! The mechanics were stunned! It was fun explaining to them that prayer started that car.

Lastly, a friend and I were walking around the mall praying for people. As we tried a product he had a word of knowledge about the salesman's back hurting from a football injury. We prayed for it and it was healed! Then I had a word about temporary shoulder pain that "came when stressed", he had it. So we prayed and were believing it was also healed (he will test it next time he's at the gym). Then my friend had a word about him being a singer and by the time we left this young man's life was drastically affected!

Thank you Jesus for letting us minister to people for healing and words that spoke to their hearts. We ask for exponential increase of miracles such as these and more in the future! Happy New Year everyone, may God raise your expectation of Him and fulfill the promises of years past in 2011! Be blessed in Jesus name!

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