Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Proposal

He did not use an airplane writing with smoke in the sky, there was no glimmering rock in a glass of champagne, I was not being serenaded by a string quartet, nor were His words scrolling across the jumbotron.  No, this most extravagant gesture was not so cliché…
He chose the setting to be beneath a hill of scorn, surrounded by criminals, pinned to two cross beams by hardware that more closely resembles tent posts then nails, adorning thorns, and wearing only His own blood and the saliva of those who put Him there.  This was where He chose to ask.  This most excessive expression of love which none can match.  Shivering as the blood drains out of Him and from the weightiness of this spiritual burden He has elected to take upon Himself... with great effort and excruciating pain He presses upon the peg which fixes His feet to the cross, just so He can take the breath to ask me the question… “will you marry Me?”  
How can I deny Him?  Surely there will never be a lover so exquisite, so passionate or zealous for me for this world has not known affection such as this ever before.  Our engagement: unlike any other as He washes away my filth and beautifies me with His scented anointing oils.  What a joyous engagement!  His ring of promise is not a golden band upon my finger (which can be easily lost or removed), oh no that is insufficient for Him!  Instead He has etched this blessed assurance into my heart and sealed upon my arm for all to see that I am blissfully betrothed to the greatest lover of all time!  Our wedding shall be beyond comparison as the heavens will marvel as God Himself marries me!!  Oh such a sweet love this is, I cannot withhold my answer from Him, my kinsmen redeemer, my beloved… so with great exuberance I look deep into His blood-stained eyes and say “YES!!!”